Current Subscription Review (2023 / 2024)

Winter 2024 Update & Subscription Review List 

The 2023-24 Subscription Review List is now available for student, faculty, and staff input. This is part of our annual process to review all journal, database, and electronic resource subscriptions.  
In order to manage collections more strategically and ensure that the university’s subscriptions portfolio remains dynamic and relevant to Western’s students, faculty, and staff, the Libraries is asking for feedback on a short list of new and existing subscriptions. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to review the list and provide input on which titles to keep, which to cancel, and which to add.  
Existing subscriptions have been added to the list based on a variety of quantitative and qualitative criteria and may be cancelled and replaced by new titles based on the feedback received. New titles were submitted via the New Subscription Request Form throughout fall quarter.  Students, faculty, and staff have until Sunday, March 10 at midnight to review these title lists and submit feedback via Qualtrics survey, if they wish to do so. Faculty, staff, and students may also continue to submit requests for new subscriptions, which will feed into next year’s review. 

Subscription Review List 

 Provide Feedback on the Subscription Review List
Survey will take 5-15 minutes to complete.

To help guide the university through this process, the Western Libraries Subject Teams will be available to meet with any interested department, institute, or group, to answer questions and hear your feedback. We hope you will take every opportunity--individual or departmental--to communicate your needs.
In early spring, the Libraries will examine the feedback and explore the possibility of voluntary subscription swapping. We will continue to communicate updates via the Subscription Review site; the Library News and Western Today; department chairs; faculty governance and other leadership groups; all-faculty emails; and the Libraries’ Subject Teams. Any subscription “swaps” will be announced by the end of spring quarter. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Libraries’ Subject Teams or contact the Libraries’ Collection Services division.


The Libraries is pleased to announce that we will not have to make any subscription cancellations this year. Instead, we will continue a more deliberate, strategic review of subscriptions to ensure that the university’s subscriptions portfolio remains dynamic and relevant. 

As part of the annual subscription review process, we invite all students, faculty, and staff to submit requests for new subscriptions. Requests submitted before December 15 will be added to a list for consideration this year and compared against existing subscriptions for potential swapping. We encourage individuals to request titles even if you have already requested them in the past--the Libraries has a long list of historic subscription requests but that doesn’t mean we know which subscriptions are relevant now.  

The 2023-24subscription review will follow the same general process and timeline as previous reviews. First, we will accept new subscription requests throughout the fall quarter. We’ll compare these requests against our existing subscriptions using a holistic scoring methodology, then share candidate additions and cancellations (if any) with the university community for broad feedback in winter quarter. In late winter and early spring, we’ll examine the feedback and explore the possibility of voluntary subscription swapping. Any swaps will be announced by the end of spring quarter. Net subscription spending will remain the same, but content may shift into closer alignment with current curricular needs. 

We project that we will be able to continue this kind of proactive annual subscription review through 2026-27. At that point, if the university cannot continue funding inflationary increases, we will need to shift back into a reduction/cancellation stance. 

Questions? Contact one of our Subject Teams. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss library subscriptions and the changing landscape of scholarly publishing.