Personnel Directory

Personnel Directory

Adrienne Alms

Resource Access Specialist
Haggard Hall 320

Charles Asher

Acquisitions/ILL Specialist
Haggard Hall 320
A wizard of great power, able to conjure course reserves from thin air.

Joanna Bailey

Course Reserves Manager
HH255 & Everson

Logan Baltzan

Circulation Services
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

David Bass

Sr. Developer for Digital Initiatives
 Braith wears a gray t-shirt with a print of a loon on it and a green button up with the sleeves rolled up. They have brown hair of indeterminate length, light skin, and round brown glasses. They are smiling with teeth and their eyes mostly scrunched closed.

Braith Birchhall

Electronic Resource Manager
Haggard Hall 320
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Erin Bledsoe

Manager, Circulation & Reserves
Haggard 257A
White woman looking directly at camera with slight smile. She has long light brown hair and blue eyes. She is standing on grass with two trees and the Old Main building in the background on a sunny day, wearing a black blazer over a blue shirt

Kate Cabe

Assistant Dean of Libraries
Ron is wearing an orange baseball cap backwards on his head and a dark t-shirt. He's leaning to the left, looking into the camera with a goofy grin on his face.

Ron Chesko

IT Specialist - Systems Administrator
HH 320
Picture of John seated

John Danneker

Dean of Libraries
Haggard Hall 231
Head shot of Brian, a white male with a full brown beard gently smiling, wearing glasses and a tan fedora

Brian Davidson

Head of Tutoring Center
Wilson Library 276
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Sidonie Devarenne

Collection Management & Assessment Librarian
Jon is a tall dude wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt over a long-sleeved black undershirt, brown pants, and a tan waterproof hat. He is leaning on a short wooden fence, posing in front of a red rock canyon in the desert Southwest of the United States. There is a very blue sky looking stark in contrast to the red rocks directly behind.

Jon Dillon

Western CEDAR Manager
He / Him
HH320Q / Humboldt North
Outdoor photo in front of blooming shrub with short sleeve shirt and smiling.

Kate Farmer

Facilities Manager
Black and white photo of Gabe--a white man with glasses, long hair, and a beard--smiling in front of the Wilson Library building..

Gabe Gossett

Head of Hacherl Research & Writing Studio
HH 223
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Shelby Hogle

Circulation Specialist
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Dubravka Ilic

Metadata Development Specialist (Original Cataloger)
Elizabeth Joffrion, Director of Archives & Special Collections

Elizabeth Joffrion

Director of Archives & Special Collections
Wilson Library 673
Headshot of a woman smiling and standing in an evergreen forest.

Madeline Kelly

Director of Collections
Haggard Hall 320
Shannon, a white woman wearing a stripe shirt and tan sweater, smiling with grey sky and green trees in the background.

Shannon Kelly

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning
Wilson 491
Roz is smiling and looking directly into the camera. She has reddish-brown hair pulled into a bun and wears a brown turtleneck sweater.

Roz Koester

Assistant Archivist for Outreach and Instruction
Wilson 662
Tony is resting his head on the palm of his left hand with his pinky finger extended over his brow. His face lacks expression except for a raised right eyebrow. He has light skin, a short gray beard, big lips and nose, and almost no hair on his head.

Tony Kurtz

University Archivist and Records Manager
AB 226
White woman with shoulder-length light brown/dark blonde hair, worn in two braids, one on each side of her face. She has blue eyes and a slight smile and is wearing a black shirt with white stripes.

Clarissa Mansfield

Library Communications Manager

Eric Mastor

Archival Digitization Specialist
AB 217
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Dennis Matthews

Cataloging and Metadata Specialist
Haggard 320
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Tom McNeely

IT Specialist - Systems Administrator
TDS suite, HH 320N (but mostly teleworking)
Casey standing in front of a statue of James Madison at the Library of Congress

Casey Mullin

Head of Cataloging & Metadata Services
Haggard Hall 320F
Jenny is standing in front of a tree, laughing. She's wearing a turquoise "Team Science" t-shirt, aqua glasses, and red lipstick. Old Main is in the background.

Jenny Oleen

Scholarly Communications Librarian
A man with dark hair and a grey button-up shirt stands against a backdrop of trees

Eric Parker

Graduate Research & Writing Program Specialist
Haggard Hall 224
woman in hat and scarf in a forest holding a yellow mushroom

Dayna Patterson

Assistant Head of Hacherl Research & Writing Studio
HH 227
Curt wears glasses and is smiling while facing the camera. He has short brown hair with very small patches of distinguished gray hair on the sides.

Curt Pavia

Learning Technologist
Andy wears her brown hair in braids, wears rectangular glasses, looks off to the side, with a plant and a colorful painting in the background.

Andy Peterson

Librarian and Associate Professor
WL 476
Jeff has short, gray hair and is wearing glasses and a blue shirt.  He is standing outside in front of the library.

Jeff Purdue

Teaching, Learning, & Media Librarian & Associate Professor
he, him, his

Marian Ritter

Head of Music Library
Music Library PA 356A
Nathan sitting in his kitchen, sporting a purple checked shirt, scarf, and "Happy Birthday" tiara

Nathan Romond

Teaching & Learning Specialist
WL 562
David is in front of colorful Yiddish periodicals. He wears glasses, has dark hair, light skin, and a salt-and-pepper beard

David Schlitt

Special Collections Manager
Wilson Library 675

Amy Sedovic

Circulation Services, Stacks Management, Student Staff Supervisor
Haggard Hall 2nd floor, Circulation Services
Heather Slee standing outside Wilson Library

Heather Slee

Online Learning and Engagement Specialist
she, her, hers
Brendan is wearing a navy crewneck sweater holding a glass mug with tea. He is smiling looking directly into the camera. He has a buzzed blonde head, and blue eyes.

Brendan Spah

Resource Sharing Specialist
Haggard Hall 320
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Rob Spingler

Circulation Services
HH 201
woman with brown hair and glasses rests her chin on her fist and looks into the distance.

Emily Spracklin

Teaching & Learning Librarian; Subject Teams Coordinator
WL 275
Tall windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Library Reading Room

Katie Stacy

Assistant University Archivist for Records Management and User Services
person wearing hat and glasses, pictured outside with mountains in background

Ruth Steele

Archivist, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies
Photo of Elizabeth Stephan

Elizabeth Stephan

Student Success Librarian
Sylvia is outside, under a tree, wearing a blue shirt.

Sylvia Tag

Children's & Young Adult Literature Librarian
Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

Special Collections Librarian and Associate Professor
Wilson Library 674
Shevell pictured in front of greenery, wearing a blue blazer over a white and blue shirt

Shevell Thibou

Director of Teaching & Learning

Jesse Thomas

Head, Resource Access
he / him
HH 320K
Portrait of Anika smiling and wearing a floral print shirt and wide brimmed brown hat in front of a vine maple tree.

Anika Watson

Assistant Head of the Tutoring Center
she/her or they/them
WL 280 (Tutoring Center)
Mary has long brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a striped shirt and blazer.

Mary Wegmann

Assistant Director of Collections
Emily on the summit of a mountain at sunset smiling and wearing a hat and a puffy coat.

Emily Whitacre

Metadata Development Specialist (Original Cataloger)