Explore the Northwest Collection

Snow covered mountain with pale blue sky behind and trees in the foreground

Interested in learning more about the region in which we live? The Northwest Collection contains over 15,000 items with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest region, (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and British Columbia), and  includes works by Pacific Northwest authors, artists, and filmmakers. Originally created in 2014, the Northwest Collection is located on the 4th floor of Wilson in the historic Reading Room, and offers a complement to the Libraries’ rich holdings about the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in delving even deeper into research about the Pacific Northwest, Archives & Special Collections contain archival and rare book collections which document the history and culture of Washington and surrounding areas. Additionally, the Map Collection houses a wide variety of resources including topographic maps, and covers many areas of the world, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest region, as well as parts of western and northern Canada.