Music Library - General Information

Circulation Policies:

Find out how long you can check out a music score, sound recording, or book.


Contact information for full time staff and volunteers.

Music Library Hours:

Check here for our current hours and during break sessions.

Floor Plan & Equipment:

While you're always welcome to ask for locations, you can also refer to the floorplan to find where books, scores, and recordings are located.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Instructions:

The VPN is a secure way to connect to Western's network from home or while traveling.

Finding the Music Library:

Detailed driving directions to the Music Library.

Accessibility Information:


A button activated entrance is located through the Performing Arts Center (from the Plaza). Use far left-hand lobby door. Elevator is located to the right to the Music Library (Floor 2).

Accessible notes:

  • Accessible restrooms are located on Lower Level 2 (LL 2) using elevator from Music Library.

  • Gender Neutral Restroom is available in the Performing Arts Center (PA 390). Accessible entrance is located at the southeast corner of the building (from High Street).  Take elevator up one level to Floor 3.

Parking Information:

  • Accessible parking to the east (Lot 11G) see WWU Map for further information.