Library Hours & Facilities

Fall Quarter 2022 Library Building Hours

Beginning Monday, September 19, the Wilson north entrance will be open once again, and the Haggard and Wilson buildings of Western Libraries will move to their regular fall quarter hours.

South Elevator Outage & Accessing Wilson 6th Floor

The Wilson south elevator that provides access to Special Collections and the 6th floor of Wilson is currently out of service due to mechanical issues. This elevator was in need of major repairs and is now being replaced, a process that began in June 2022.  The south elevator is expected to be operational again at some point during fall quarter. 

Wilson floors 2 through 6 are accessible via the south stairwell, adjacent to the south elevator. For elevator access to Wilson floors 1 through 5, please use the west elevator on the opposite side of the floor.

New People Counter System

Western Libraries is installing a new people counting system that will be operational beginning in June 2022. The new technology will replace existing gate count technology that is no longer supported and requires manual data collection by library staff. The new counters will improve the accuracy of foot traffic data and will be used by the library to make data informed decisions for improving programs and services.