Peer Tutor Application

Hiring Timeline

Hiring for Tutors will occur on the following tentative schedule:

Accepting Applications: March 6th - April 17th

Interviews: April 24th - May 19th

Offers Sent Out: June 2nd

First day of work: September 25th

Job Description

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Anika Watson

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Title: Peer Tutor

Reports to: Assistant Head of the Tutoring Center

Salary: Starts at $15.74 per hour; this pay rate is within Classification 1 wage range as established by the Student Employment Center. Work Study and Non-Work Study positions available. 




  • At least one academic year remaining at WWU
  • Available to work at least 6 hours per week during the academic year
  • Experience with study strategies specific to STEM classes and the ability to share techniques for academic success in STEM classes
  • Experience using general strategies and techniques for learning in a post-secondary setting with the ability to share techniques for academic success
  • Ability to tutor Precalculus related content with or without support. Tutors are not required to have taken a specific math class at WWU or other post-secondary institutions. Math reviews are available for all tutors.
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Ability to work one-on-one with students and collaborate with colleagues and students in small groups
  • Technical ability to engage with and learn new digital programs and practices
  • Adaptable to a fast-paced work environment
  • Competence in at least one TC Supported Course


  • Competence in multiple TC Supported Courses
  • Language proficiency other than English
  • More than one academic year remaining at WWU

Subject Tutor Responsibilities

Approach and Professional Practice Responsibilities

Subject Tutors provide peer to peer support in-person and online using a coaching model with empathy, inclusiveness, and integrity to Western students using the Tutoring Center by facilitating student learning and connecting students with resources

  • They Evaluate and challenge traditional and oppressive norms and practices through the engagement of academic literacies
  • They Use and value inquiry for gaining and sharing knowledge
  • They Collaborate as respectful, productive, and ethical members of a diverse and inclusive intellectual community
  • They Demonstrate a sense of agency for managing their own learning and support agency in the learning of others

TC Operations and Service Responsibilities

Subject Tutors support the operation of the Tutoring Center’s physical and virtual spaces by:

  • Actively creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in the TC through interpersonal interactions and service delivery
  • Educating students on the services and supports offered by the TC and providing appropriate navigation based on individual need

Subject Tutors perform front desk tasks when scheduled including but not limited to:

  • Greeting students and offering a tour of services
  • Responding to inquiries both in person and virtually
  • Providing patrons with technical assistance with Navigate, TutorTrac or other service tracking systems
  • Checking resources in and out to patrons

Subject Tutors provide student-centered, inquiry-driven, subject-specific academic coaching with integrated study skills support in person and virtually

  • They facilitate subject specific study groups when scheduled Subject Tutors provide student centered, needs-based study skills coaching by appointment
  • They facilitate active and engaging study skills presentations for classes and student groups when scheduled

Professional Development Responsibilities

Subject Tutors actively develop competency in specialty subject areas and tutoring pedagogy

  • They participate in annual and quarterly all staff professional development
  • They participate in weekly subject specific review sessions when scheduled or as needed
  • They are available for and participate in at least one of each of the following per quarter:
    • 5PM Friday evening TC Workshops
    • 9AM Monday & Wednesday Community Practice Sessions


  • Develop communication and leadership skills
  • Gain career-relevant work experience
  • Improved mastery of course content and study strategies
  • Opportunity to help create a vibrant and inclusive learning community
  • Work on campus with sick leave and flexible hours
  • Eligible for Student Employee scholarships
  • Tutor Certification 


Tutor Position Description

Tutor Job Application


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