Quiet Study Spaces

Wilson 4 & 5 (including the Reading Room in 4 Central when it's not in use for events) are designated quiet areas.  Some of the spaces on these floors are described below.  See the virtual tour for more details.

Large rounded windows and bookshelves in the Wilson Reading Room

The Reading Room

The Reading Room on the 4th floor of Wilson Library is generally the quietest space for individual study in the Libraries, though it is sometimes reserved for events. Most users expect and request silent study in this area.  The space is generally filled with large tables and chairs, but a few lounge chairs and coffee tables can also be found in the space. 

Study carrels and pods on the 5th floor of Wilson Library

Bayview Lounge

Located on Wilson 5 West, the Bayview Lounge on Wilson 5 West lets you study with a view and has a variety of seating configurations, including traditional carrels and study pods for distraction-free working, or upholstered lounge seating suitable for a comfortable study experience. The 5th floor is a designated quiet floor, so this is a great space for quiet study. Many carrels optimize a view of the bay, and the study pods or other carrels are also available if you need a place to focus and concentrate. 

Students with laptops around the rotunda in Wilson 3

Haggard 3

The third floor of Haggard provides an open area with lots of natural light, immediately off the stairs from Haggard 2.  While this area is not a designated quiet space, it's commonly used for individual study.

Nooks and crannies

There are a variety of study carrels, different kinds of chairs, booths, and table and chair sets scattered throughout library spaces, often near windows which offer natural light. Spaces tend to get quieter the higher up you go in the buildings, with all of Wilson 4th and 5th floors being designated as quiet areas.