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Study Skills Presentations

These peer-to-peer presentations focus on Executive Functioning, Academic Life Management, Active Learning, and Study Support Resources. They can be arranged by WWU professors or staff members. Presentations can be scheduled during or outside of your regular class time, and we suggest incentives like extra credit to encourage participation and attendance.

Study Skills Appointments for Extra Credit

Faculty may choose to assign study skill presentations for extra credit. This helps incentivize the development of active listening and metacognitive strategies. 


Instructors should start with scheduling a presentation for their class. Presentations can be scheduled during or outside of your regular class time using the study skills presentation form.


After a presentation has been delivered, students who were unable to attend or who want further assistance with study skills can sign up for individual or group study skills appointments. The Tutoring Center does not have the capacity to accommodate a whole class with individual appointments.    

Due Date  

The earliest in a quarter that we can accommodate study skills presentation is week two. We cannot offer presentations during finals week. We recommend scheduling presentations between weeks 3-7. We recommend setting a week 7 or 8 due date for students to submit any extra credit assignments related to the study skills presentation. That will give us enough time to schedule presentations and accommodate last-minute requests for appointments for students that missed the presentation. 


Combining Multiple Presentation Requests

When there are multiple requests for presentations without a requested day and time, the Heads may choose to combine multiple classes in one presentation as space capacity allows. Requesters will be notified.


Tracking Participation for Extra Credit

If an instructor wishes to offer extra credit for participation in a study skills presentation they may do one of the following:

  • Offer a reflection  assignment for the student to complete and submit to the instructor. [Preferred]
  • Supply students with a form to be signed by the presenter [Acceptable]
  • Request that students sign in. If this is the case, the instructor must inform their class of the process and provide the facilitator with a class roster. The facilitator will have the roster available for students to sign in with and will return it to the instructor digitally,   [Last Resort]

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For courses, please provide the instructor, class section, and CRN (The CRN can be found in classfinder)
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If no, the Tutoring Center will schedule the date, time, and location and communicate details back to you. 
e.g. Math Study Skills or Biology Study Skills, extra focus in Active Learning