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Use this form to request a Study Skills Presentation for your class, club, or student group. Study Skills Presentations cover Time-Management, Note-Taking, Reading for Meaning, Test-Taking, and other Active-Learning and Metacognative strategies.
For courses, please provide the instructor, class section, and CRN (The CRN can be found in classfinder)
What is your role in that course/group/club?
Will this presentation be In-Person or Online?
Our ability to accommodate requests for in-person presentations is contingent on county, state, and university safety guidelines, as well as the availability of our staff. If we are unable to accommodate your request for an in-person presentation, we will reach out to give you the option of scheduling a virtual presentation as an alternative.
Would you like the TC to arrange for a physical or virtual space, or will you use an existing room/meeting?
Example: 4/21, 9-9:50am
e.g. Math Study Skills or Biology Study Skills
For example: Does the presentation need to be less than 50 minutes? Are there any major exams we will need to work around? Is there a due-date for credit assignments? Are there any other considerations you would like us to be aware of?