Western Libraries Computer Use Policy


The Libraries' computer equipment is intended to enable library users to access the collections and other information resources and services in support of curriculum, research, and information needs. Library computer use is a privilege that depends on individuals using the resources appropriately and in accordance with University policies (also see ATUS: Ethical Conduct) and local, state, and federal laws. In addition, the following policies are also applicable to use of library computer equipment.


  • Any computer use that is recognized as being potentially illegal will be reported to Campus security.
  • Library staff have the right to ask library users to produce identification for various services.
  • Priority for use of library computers is academic research.  Library staff may ask you to terminate other use.
  • The Libraries may take steps to regulate computer use, such as restricting e-mail access or setting time limits.
  • Library staff reserve the right to take steps to maintain an environment conducive to study and research.  The Libraries supports the intellectual freedom of its users and their right to access diverse and controversial information sources and content. Behavior, however, that is disruptive or harassing will not be tolerated.  Purposely exposing other library users to pornographic, violent, or racist content will be construed as harassment.
  • Individuals may not use or store their own files on library computer equipment. Changes to computer settings or configurations, or any other disruption or damage to library computer equipment or software, is prohibited.
  • Duplication of information is limited in accordance with Fair Use compliance provisions as stated within the federal copyright laws.

Guiding Principle:

The WWU Libraries provide access to a wide variety of resources, including the Internet.  We strive to protect intellectual freedom and your right to open access to information.