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About WIS

The Writing Instruction Support (WIS) program provides assistance to faculty who are teaching or incorporating writing in their courses.  

We can help by:

  • Providing information about writing course requirements
  • Supporting or co-sponsoring instructional activities such as the WIS Summer Retreat and online professional development
  • Offering resources on teaching and assessing writing

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We provide consultation about writing proficiency requirements and course requirements, best practices for teaching and assessing writing, and professional development events.

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Close up of someone writing in a journal

This online learning module explores ways to make your assignments more purposeful, transparent, and equitable. 

Person reading a manual

Your guide to teaching at WWU. Explore this guide for ideas to support your teaching endeavors.

A stack of books

Literature reviews can be tricky for a lot of people-- even if they've had experience creating one. Check out these tips for helping your students understand the purpose and process.

students studying together in the library

Assignments that are clearly stated and relevant to the course curriculum enhance student learning and bolster the writing process.

Close up of someone writing in a journal

This content offers a framework for describing what students should understand and do by the time they graduate from WWU.

students studying together in the library

Group work can be challenging for many students. Take a look at our tips to help your group project assignments be successful. 

Student studying outside

These tips will help you design low-stakes writing assignments to help students practice, learn, and self-assess.