Barrier-free access: User access to programs, services, and collections that is not hindered by costs or excessive policy restrictions; use of resources is easy, intuitive, and readily available to users with a wide range of abilities.

Collections: The full breadth of information resources for which the library facilitates user access, including physical and digital resources in all formats, unique and locally-produced content, purchased resources (both owned and licensed), and open access materials.

Co-curricular: Instructional activities not tied to a particular credit-bearing course.

Curricular: Library credit-bearing courses.

Curricular-embedded: Instructional activities tied to credit-bearing classes offered by non-Libraries departments.

Efficiency: Deliberate and careful thought in regards to how we use our resources in the most effective way possible—not necessarily more work accomplished with less people.

Inclusive excellence: The process of addressing inequities within higher education and society by integrating best practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

Integrated academic literacies: A spectrum of capacities and skill sets needed to succeed in performing the intellectual work of the academy, including information, media, written, oral, artifactual, visual, quantitative, technological, and cultural literacies.

Intellectual freedom: The right to share and learn about a diverse range of ideas.

Privacy: Advocating for and designing systems and services that do not compromise personal information and allow patrons to engage in inquiry without undue scrutiny or punishment. Western Libraries adheres to patron privacy and confidentiality guidelines developed and endorsed by the American Library Association.

Sequenced curricula: Deliberately ordering instructional activities to support particular learning or developmental needs and learning outcomes.

Stewardship: The responsible management and use of limited resources, including funds, staff time, space, and existing library collections. The term also implies responsibility, integrity, trust, accountability, service, and preservation and sustainability for future use.