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Email: rws@wwu.edu
Phone: 360-650-3219
Text: 360 797-5910

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Students working in the research and writing studio

 2nd floor of Haggard Hall

  • Work in the space, by yourself or with a group
  • Use the collaborative area, or a quiet study room
  • We come to you when you need assistance

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Want to schedule a time to meet with a Studio Assistant? You can use our convenient online system to reserve an appointment, either in person or online. 

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Linguistic Justice at the Studio

Learn More about how we strive to support linguistic justice in the Research & Writing Studio.

Spanish Language Support

Spanish Speaking, Reading, and Writing support is available at the Studio when staff with Spanish proficiency are available, on the schedule below:

Starting April 8th

  • Sunday: 5-9pm  
  • Monday: 10am-12pm and 4-6pm
  • Tuesday: 10am-12pm, 2pm-3pm, and 4pm-6pm 
  • Wednesday: 10am-12pm
  • Thursday: 10am-11am and 2pm-3pm
  • Friday: 10-12pm and 1pm-3pm

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  • Video call options available
  • Connect with a Studio Assistant in real time
  • Get help with research & writing

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Send us a draft of your project

  • Send us any part of your work online: an outline, a rough draft, a solid draft, or even just an idea!
  • Get feedback within 48 hours
  • Receive written or video feedback, depending on your  preference

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Studio partners

A student and a studio assistant working at a table in the research and writing studio.

Connect with a Studio Assistant (SA) to be your ongoing partner on projects throughout the quarter!

  • Studio Partners meet regularly with the same SA in one-on-one sessions to help with homework, projects, and more. 
  • Partners are great for accountability and encouragement.
  • Partners help you identify patterns and develop strategies for managing your coursework over time.

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Graduate Studio

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You can meet with a Graduate Research & Writing Assistant in-person or online. We're flexible with your busy schedule.

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Join us for Drop-In!

The Hacherl Graduate Research and Writing Studio will be holding drop-in hours in hopes of reaching a larger population of students on campus.

Graduate students are welcome to come to the hours for feedback and support on any step of the research or writing process. Thesis reviews, CV help, grant applications, and more!

ISB Collaborative Space
Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm
Through June 5th

The Kitto Graduate Student Hub

The Graduate School and Western Libraries collaborate with campus partners to provide workshops and events as a part of the Kitto Graduate Student Hub. Offerings support graduate student research and scholarship, academic success, wellbeing, and career readiness. 

Do you have ideas for future workshops or events, or would you like to partner with us? Please contact gradhub@wwu.edu

Learn More about Graduate Workshops & Events

Spring Quarter Workshops

The Graduate Studio facilitates regular workshops in the Kitto Graduate Student Hub, scheduled for Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 1:20pm for Spring Quarter. Drop-in during these workshops to explore topics of interest to graduate students with experienced subject matter experts!


Writing cover letters is no fun, but whether you’re applying for summer jobs or looking into next steps post graduation, they’ve got to happen. Join us for a drop-in working session so we can make the process a little easier together! This is a great time to brainstorm talking points, clarify your thoughts, receive edits on any part of the processes, or just have some accountability and support.

Facilitated by Brandon McWilliams and Shevell Thibou

Are you preparing to submit a research grant proposal this quarter? Maybe you would like to start discussing ideas and identifying a plan for a future funding opportunity? No matter where you are in the process, we are here to help! Join us for a 50-minute hands-on workshop where we will share strategies for composing a grant proposal and provide one-on-one time to meet you where you are in the research and writing process of your grant proposal.

Facilitated by Colter Lemons and Brandon McWilliams

Need help developing your problem statement? Working on locating sources for your kit review or annotated bibliography? No matter where you are in developing and executing your MIT capstone, we are here to collaborate! This working session is an opportunity for you to work independently or in collaboration with the Graduate Studio to advance your research and writing needs. 


Facilitated by Karina Avila and Shevell Thibou

Description Coming Soon

Facilitated by Jasmine Welaye and Gabe Gossett

R studio is a statistics coding software that can assist in running analyses and presenting your results in an effective and engaging way. Whether data analysis and data visualization is new to you or you are hoping to advance your skills, join us for an interactive introductory workshop to R studio. You will practice how to conduct simple statistical analyses and create visuals to present your results. We will provide a data set for participants, but feel free to bring your own!

Facilitated by Jasmine Welaye and Colter Lemons

As you prepare to defend your thesis this quarter or during an upcoming quarter, you may be wondering what are the best ways to write and talk about your data. Join us for an interactive workshop where we will explore effective and engaging ways you could present your data within your thesis and defense.

Facilitated by Jasmine Welaye and Shevell Thibou

Studio Partners

A student and a studio assistant working at a table in the research and writing studio.
Connect with a Studio Graduate Assistant to be your ongoing partner on projects in your program, including thesis work, throughout the process.

Send Us a Draft

Student working alone on a laptop

Send us a draft of your project

  • Send us any part of your work online: an outline, a rough draft, a solid draft, or even just an idea!
  • Get feedback within 48 hours
  • Receive written or video feedback, depending on your  preference

Send Us a Draft

About the Studio


Class Services

You can request many of our class services online! 

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About Us

The Hacherl Research & Writing Studio is where you can get support for research, reading, and writing across all subjects. 

We can help with...

  • Brainstorming
  • Thesis statements
  • Reading and analyzing academic texts
  • Finding and using sources
  • Citations
  • Proofreading tips
  • Organization and flow
  • Cover letters, resumes, and applications
  • Creative writing
  • And more!

No, but we'll help you learn revising and editing strategies.

The number one reason why we don’t edit papers is because it takes control of your own writing away from you. We’ve seen evidence to support that comments made on student papers have little impact on short-term outcomes and almost no impact on long-term skill acquisition. We are also conscious of how insisting that writing be “correct” according to socially-constructed rules is part of how dominant academic culture discriminates against other world Englishes and other value systems.

Another reason we don’t edit papers has to do with academic integrity. If we change your work, it no longer belongs to you. Instead, we help you learn strategies to make it easier to edit your own writing. 

In the physical space, you can sit anywhere you'd like. We have a lot of options; we've got tables and chairs, booths, couches, and quiet study rooms. You can move tables around or join them together if you're working in a group or you need more space. We also have a number of whiteboards you can use, style guides, and portable chargers.

A Studio Assistant will greet you and hand you a table tent. If you have questions or want someone to help you out with your project or homework, flip the table tent to the question mark, and someone will come to you. 

You can also use the space and not ask for help at all. It's a great place to study on your own!

Online, you can Send Us a Draft and receive feedback from a Studio Assistant within 48 hours. You can also use Chat and talk to someone in real time during open hours. Through chat, you can also ask for a video call if you prefer. 

Hacherl is pronounced HACK-er-el. One of the easiest ways to remember is that it rhymes with mackerel, the fish.

Work For Us

Faculty & Staff - Nominate A Student

Given that campus partners like you nominate some of our best Research & Writing Studio Assistants, we’re hoping to enlist you in identifying applicants for future staff. 

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