RWS - Graduate Students

Get graduate-level support for your graduate-level needs

Meet online, in real time


You can meet with a Graduate Assistant online through Zoom, or possibly another online meeting platform. We're flexible with your busy graduate schedule.


Apply to the Studio


Want to work as a Graduate Research & Writing Assistant? We do hiring in Spring Quarter. Click here to give us your information.


Send us a draft


Send us a draft of your project and a Graduate Studio Assistant will respond with some feedback and strategies within 48 hours.

Studio Partners


Connect with a Graduate Studio Assistant to be your ongoing partner on projects in your program, including thesis work, throughout the process.

Does the Graduate Studio help all graduate students?


Yes! The Graduate Research & Writing Studio is made up of a team of graduate studio assistants with a background in peer-to-peer support for research and writing. The Grad Studio supports graduate students in every department with their class assignments, including masters’ theses, projects, and capstones.


To contact the Grad Studio send an email to